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Hi There!

Welcome to Ceylon Tastes

I’m Keshy, a fellow food enthusiastic, recipe developer, and the sole creator of this blog. I could not be happier to have you here! My recipes are healthy, affordable, approachable, and delectable, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

About My Self.

I am currently living in the United States and I got motivated to write this blog mainly to help & influence others to eat & live a healthier lifestyle. When I first moved to the US from Sri Lankan, I was only 18, I didn’t really have much experience in the traditional recipes. But little by little I caught up to the recipes and started perfecting them. I realized that most of the recipes require so much oil, sugar & other processed food items, and from my experience I know that we don’t have to have a special diet to eat healthy, we can introduce clean eating to our daily recipes without any special skill sets. In my videos & blog, I try to provide you all the necessary steps so that I guarantee you will get the same end result as me.

I try to provide most of the signature dishes that are famous in Sri Lanka with available ingredients in the USA. I feel like the others like me that live away from home, always struggle to find the recipes that could remind us of our childhood flavors. I try to find innovative ways to make these traditional recipes easier and healthier by keeping the same taste we remember. 


Eating “healthy” is too often depicted as being hard, expensive, and bland. NOT TRUE. I’m fiercely passionate about creating recipes that are easy to make, affordable, and that most importantly of all, taste incredible. I try to keep my recipes mostly healthy, use minimally processed ingredients (all of which you can find at an average grocery store), and focus on incorporating multiple important food groups like fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains.


I’m tirelessly dedicated to providing well-tested recipes. Before I post a new recipe, you can feel confident that I have already tested it in my own kitchen and worked out the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

I truly hope Ceylon Tastes Recipes will become your go-to for easy-to-make meals that are good for you and that you will adore. I’m thankful you’re here!

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