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Biscuit ( Marie ) Pudding

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Biscuit Pudding is just what it sounds like. No-Bake pudding made with layers of chocolate cream & Biscuits. This is one of the best desserts you’ll ever have. Such a simple and quick dessert to make. 

Marie Biscuit Pudding is a Sri Lankan traditional sweet dessert made with Biscuits. Marie is a brand of digestive cookies in Sri Lanka. Traditionally this pudding is made with t leftover biscuit. 

Some of you will have fond childhood memories of this pudding, but even if you have never heard of it before, you have to give it a try! 


330g Marie Biscuit

100g Butter- Room temperature

2 cups Icing sugar

2 tbsp Cocoa powder

1 tsp Vanilla

1 cup fresh milk

For the Coffee mixture

1 tsp instant coffee powder

1 tsp Hot Water (or you can use a 1 tsp of brewed coffee)

How to Make

First, add butter and icing sugar into a bowl and beat it well.

After beating the two ingredients, then add cocoa powder.

Add little by little to the mixture and mix it well ( No need to use a beater) At the same, add vanilla into the mixture.

This mixture needs to come together as creamy and smooth (It should not be a hard or watery mixture)

Now the Cream mixture is ready!!

Now it's time to assemble the pudding.

First, take instant coffee and mix in with the hot water until it completely dissolve. Into that, add milk and mix it well.

Now take a tray. Set aside

Then add Marie Biscuit one by one and dip into the milk for 5 seconds and immediately take it out.

If the biscuits stays in more time in the milk, it can be soggy. Right away place the soaked biscuit on the tray. Continue doing this until you have a layer of biscuits

After adding the first layer, now apply the prepared cream.

To do that, take some of the cream and apply them on top of the biscuit layer. Be generous with the application.

Now we are going to repeat the same steps until you have a few layers.

So, get the biscuits and soak it in milk, place them in the tray. Apply the cream layer. Once you have the third biscuit layer, apply the cream one last time.

You can apply a thicker last layer of cream. After applying all the cream, we can garnish it with some shaved chocolate on top. You can also add anything you likes garnish instead of chocolate shavings such as dried fruits or nuts.

Now the pudding is done.

Keep it in the fridge for at least an hour to set it well.