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Green Juice Recipe for a healthier life

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Healthy Sweet Green Juice

This Green juice recipe is packed with so many nutrients. Follow this recipe and you will get a sweet tasty green juice. I love drinking this every day. It tastes like sweet fruit juice. Trust me! If you drink this once, you will crave this every day. This is very easy to make.


  • Three medium size Carrots

  • 3 oz. Spinach (About three handfuls)

  • One Celery Stalk

  • One Large Orange

  • One Apple

  • Lime (Optional)

  • Optional: Chia/Flex Seeds

  •  Essential Equipment – Juicer.

I Have linked the juicer I used every day. I have been using this Hamilton Beach Juicer for more than two years now.

This recipe makes juice for two people. These ingredients can be adjusted to your taste! Start Juicing! Enjoy!

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Always start with Carrots or Apples and end juicing with Oranges.

Prep everything for the whole week, use Ziploc bags to store in the fridge. So now every morning it won’t even take 5 mins to make the juice.

Please refer to the video to see how I juice.

Please refer to the video to see how I juice.